Dining room renovation

After six months of planning and 10 days of construction, we’re proud to unveil the redesign of the Cinc Sentits dining room.

The colour scheme is warm shades of brown and dark grey with copper as the accent colour — a reflection of the copper pots and pans that we use in the kitchen.

The new design provides greater intimacy as well as more space for each table. We’ve removed the bench seating and made the tables larger, as well as including a mix of round and square tables.

The showpiece of the room is definitely the custom-built wall panel. The design was inspired by the small farms around our family’s village near the Priorat, a couple of hours south of Barcelona. The stones on each table are made from licorella (slate) found in this famous wine-producing region.

We’ve given careful thought to all of the details, down to the short welcome message that you’ll find on your table the next time you dine at Cinc Sentits.

We look forward to welcoming you back soon.